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Welcome to Tea Energy! Our site is dedicated in supplying information and knowledge on tea. Around the world, tea is being consumed by millions of people on a daily basis. In fact, tea is second only to water as the most consumed liquid in the world as it is even more popular than coffee. Tea has become a staple of life and consuming tea is part of our everyday habit. Benefits of drinking tea are significant, adding tea to our diet aids us in having a healthy lifestyle. For instance did you know consuming a few daily cups of tea such as green tea can in fact encourage our bodies to lose weight? Even though weight loss is a large factor of our health tea offers a range of health benfits, longevity, long lasting energy, disease immunity and recovery, relaxation and stress improvements, getting a good nights sleep and more. We want to give you that knowledge and information!

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– September 24 2016
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Matcha Tea, Amazing Energy Source Full of Health Benefits – July 24 2016
Boost your energy by taking a daily cup of matcha tea. Its long lasting boosting energy effects will last hours. Matcha tea benefits include, encouraging weight loss, lowering stress levels, body detox and much more. Try a cup today and find out everything you need to know here.
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Tea Bag Versus Loose Leaf Tea – June 13 2016
All tea lovers come by this question…tea bag or loose leaf tea. When it boils down to it convenience and price has made this question. Tea bags sacrifice quality, shelf life, flavor, smell and more for both price and convenience.
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High Mountain Comfort Tea Recipe – May 18 2016
For this tea use Mediterranean dried blackcurrants for their ideal raisin sweetness. The taste is distinct to other types of blackcurrants. Lightly oxidised Oolong tea works perfectly with them.
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Golden Summer Tea Recipe – May 18 2016
Amber, golden color of the tea with the aid of apricots makes it a perfect summer tea. Sweetness from apricots and the taste from almond extract combine well with white peony.
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“And there are plenty of research papers that suggest a benefit of, or link the consumption of, green tea to positive health aspects. “For example, research has suggested that green tea may have...

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