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Welcome to Tea Energy! Our site is dedicated in supplying information and knowledge on tea. Around the world, tea is being consumed by millions of people on a daily basis. In fact, tea is second only to water as the most consumed liquid in the world as it is even more popular than coffee. Tea has become a staple of life and consuming tea is part of our everyday habit.

Benefits of drinking tea are significant, adding tea to our diet aids us in having a healthy lifestyle. For instance did you know consuming a few daily cups of tea such as green tea can in fact encourage our bodies to lose weight? Even though weight loss is a large factor of our health tea offers a range of health benfits, longevity, long lasting energy, disease immunity and recovery, relaxation and stress improvements, getting a good nights sleep and more. We want to give you that knowledge and information!

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Mushroom Tea: The Health Benefits of This Trendy Fall Beverage

One Green Planet - 8 hours ago
Heads up to trendy drinks lovers: there's a new fall beverage to add to your repertoire along with your matcha tea, golden milk, and charcoal lattes — mushroom tea. This tea, as its name...

What are the benefits of a cabbage soup diet?

Telegraph.co.uk - 8 hours ago
Tea or coffee (plain or with artificial sweetener), 1 tbsp low-or no-fat salad dressing. Day 2: Cabbage Soup, unlimited free vegetables, 1 large baked potato, 240 ml serving skimmed milk or low-fat...

5 amazing benefits of green tea that you didn't know about

Health24 - 1 week ago
Because green tea helps fight inflammation and slows the ageing of cells (thanks antioxidants!), it can lessen wrinkle development and make your skin appear brighter and younger. Apply topically too!...

7 Health Benefits of Matcha You Should Know About Before Brewing a Cup

GoodHousekeeping.com - 4 days ago
Plain matcha provides plenty of health benefits (more on those below), but steer clear of dietary supplements that claim to contain matcha or "green tea extract." Since the FDA doesn't...

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