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We at Tea Energy are a small website aimed in providing information on tea. Our website started off through realization of how many tea drinkers underestimate or simply don’t know the health benefits associated. Through our years of tasting, searching and drinking tea on a daily basis we started to get many questions, mainly on the aspects of health benefits and shear variations of tea. And that’s how Tea Energy was born.

Why Tea Energy

We decided to call our website Tea Energy. In today’s world coffee is one of the largest go to caffeine fixes if not taking the number 1 spot. The problem is caffeine quantities in coffee can be significantly larger than tea. Coffee can contain up to 6 times more the caffeine quantity in tea! Although this can actually be a good thing if you don’t drink much caffeinated drinks, but studies tell us this is not the case and we tend to get too much caffeine daily. All in all, with tea you can intake less caffeine and get more health benefits due to being able to drink more tea than coffee to stay within healthy caffeine quantities. Excess caffeine can result in the opposite making us feel tired and fatigued, as well as our bodies get to adapted to caffeine over time.

Apart from caffeine tea is a great health and dietry supplement. Far superior to coffee as the sheer variations of health ingredients that are added to tea. Herbal teas are the star awards for this. Herbs, plants and flowers are highly beneficial, effective medicinal supplies for our bodies. By replacing caffinated beverages (more so coffee) with a few herbal teas our bodies and gaining greater health boosts. You may even now see teas appearing in higher graded energy drinks. Exactly showing you tea is an amazing energy drink.

Due to this we wanted to try and promote tea as an energy boosting drink, which it really is! And give tea more credit than what it gets as coffee takes the 1st spot, however going by health benefits tea is the outstanding winner.

Providing Quality Information for Easy Learning & Understanding

Our information has an aim in educating others to understand amazing benefits associated with tea. All information provided is through both knowledge and research to output the best quality possible. We try and provide studies and research work links to give more trust in what we display.

Among information you will find links to tea sources and tea related items. All these links are in addition as we get many questions on where to buy certain teas or accessories. Although we do take care in finding the best suppliers we cannot take responsibility for these external sources should any negative experiences occur.

Queries, Questions, Problems…Contact Us!

If you have anything at all you wish to ask us, please feel free to do so and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. You can contact us through our contact page here. When filling out the form ensure you provide the most details you can.

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