Golden Summer Tea Recipe

Blended With Herbal and White Tea
4 Min
Amber, golden color of the tea with the aid of apricots makes it a perfect summer tea. Sweetness from apricots and the taste from almond extract combine well with white peony.


4 Apricots sliced

3 Drops of almond extract

1000ml of water

6 to 8 teaspoons of white peony


1. Boil up the 1000ml of water.

2. In a teapot add the apricots and almond extract, then pour in 250ml of boiling water. Set aside and leave to infuse.

3. Heat or allow the remaining 750ml of water to cool down to 185°F.

4. Grab a second teapot adding the white peony and pour in the heated water. Set aside leaving to infuse the tea for 4 minutes.

5. Now strain the tea into the apricot and almond. Leave for 2 minutes.

6. Finally strain into cups and serve.

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