High Mountain Comfort Tea Recipe

Blended With Herbal and Oolong Tea
2 Min
For this tea use Mediterranean dried blackcurrants for their ideal raisin sweetness. The taste is distinct to other types of blackcurrants. Lightly oxidised Oolong tea works perfectly with them.


Handful of dried blackcurrants

0.5 a teaspoon of crushed roasted almonds

1000ml of water

4 to 5 teaspoons of Taiwan High Mountain Tea


1. Prepare the water by boiling it.

2. In a teapot add blackcurrants, crushed almonds and 250ml of boiling water or enough to cover the fruit. Set aside.

3. Prepare remaining water to a temperature of 195°F.

4. Rinse the tea leaves with some of the hot water to open them up. Simply add the leaves into another teapot and swirl with some of the water. Discard the water, remove the tea, rinse the teapot and place back the tea leaves ready for infusion.

5. Add the remaining water into the teapot with the Taiwan High Mountain Tea and set aside for 2 minutes.

6. Strain the oolong tea into the fruit infused tea.

7. Strain into cups and serve.

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