What is Yellow Tea? – Information & Benefits of Yellow Tea

What is Yellow Tea? – Information & Benefits of Yellow Tea

Many have not heard of yellow tea due to its rarity. So what is Yellow tea? Its very similar to green tea but includes one extra step to create a mellower, sweeter and smoother tea. This process is a mere technique of concealing the yellow tea to reabsorb its own aromas. It’s a form of minimal oxidation where around 10% is oxidised, creating its yellow colour. Traditionally this tea was only served to emperors due to its colour. In fact it still serves as a gift to political figures and is not typically served out as a common tea.

Process of Yellow Tea

1 – Tea pickers harvest the buds and two leaves of the camellia sinensis.

2 – Sorting takes out any bad leaves and unwanted pieces.

3 – Pan frying or steaming takes place in order to heat up the tea and deactivate oxidisation enzymes.

4 – Once lightly fried or steamed the tea is then placed into some sort of sealed environment such as a wrapped cloth or paper, placed into a wooden box or another sort of method. Why? This method results in its yellowish colour and is primarily to remove the grassier taste that comes with green tea.

5 – Repeat! Yes sealing the tea is actually repeated several times all dependant on the tea master who is making it. By doing so further increases oxidisation and taste of yellow tea.

The Wonderful Benefits of Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is one of the green teas variant counterparts. This is well known for its fruity, sweet, smooth, and savoury aroma. Compared to typical tea preparation, the leaves are dampened and allowed to yellow. When brewed, its aroma is somewhat similar to the black variety. Learn more about benefits of yellow tea now:

Yellow tea can help you lose weight.

This is, by far, the most popular benefit that this drink can bring you. For one thing, this variety can boost your metabolism. A faster metabolic rate can lead to faster calorie burning. When paired with a proper diet regimen and regular exercise routine, this brewed concoction can help promote natural weight loss. Polyphenol is the substance responsible for this weight management benefit.

You can prevent diabetes by regularly drinking this brew.

Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that can greatly restrict your food choices because of spikes in blood sugar levels. A study investigating the correlation between diabetes mellitus and yellow tea suggests that drinking the concoction regularly can help prevent the development of type 1 diabetes. Furthermore, people who already have the condition but regularly drank the yellow brew anyway, showed evidence of slower disease progression. This is in comparison to their peers who have the condition but do not drink the concoction as often.

Regularly sipping a cup of this brew can promote cardiovascular endurance.

Aside from weight loss, catechins found in this drink have an important role in converting the stored fats into energy. During physical activity, your body relies on this source as one of its reservoirs for its increasing need for fuel. This pretty much explains why you feel energized a few minutes or hours after taking this drink.

This can promote better digestion to a greater extent compared to green tea.

Experts discovered that the yellow brew can aid in decreasing the inflammation levels in the digestive tract. You can thank polyphenols and catechins found in the brew for that. These substances can improve pepsin activity. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins inside your stomach. Because the yellow leaves have higher levels of catechins compared to their green counterpart, you can expect greater protein breakdown for the former.

As absurd as it may seem, this can also help your body prevent the development of lung cancer.

Studies show that drinking the yellow brew daily can help decrease the risks of having lung cancer because of antioxidants. These antioxidants fight off free radicals not just in your respiratory system but also in other regions of your body. Lower levels of free radicals in your body translate to less damage to your DNA. This means that there can be less instances of cellular-level mutation, thus the probable decreased incidences of cancerous cells in your body.

This can aid in promoting balance between HDL and LDL.

HDL is considered the good cholesterol while LDL is considered the bad cholesterol. By drinking the yellow leaf infusion, you help lower LDL levels and increase HDL levels in your body. A study shows that people who drink this brew have lower rates of intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Because their bodies are less likely to absorb them, cholesterol is eventually excreted.

Antioxidants in this drink can significantly reduce the risks of having atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a condition pertaining to the buildup of plaque inside the arteries. These blood vessels carry oxygen-abundant blood from the heart to the rest of your body parts. If not treated, this can lead to a myriad of problems, including stroke and heart attack. You can specifically prevent having coronary artery disease if you drink yellow tea often.

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